How to play CyberDeck™?

In CyberDeck™ the players build their decks using their collection, we use 2 decks:

  1. Network Decks, that hold only Node Cards and must be built with at least 8 Nodes with a maximum total production of 20
  2. Operator Decks, that holds Operators, Events and Triggers and must have 30 cards in it.

Each Deck is built with only one Faction and/or Factionless Cards.

The battlefield is a Blockchain network built by the players every game using their NODES cards. Every NODE has minimum and maximum connection value to rule the way that they can be connected each other. The NODES are the bricks that produce Kredits every turn, the Kredits are used to ‘hire’ operators and events and triggers. The Operators are the actors that move on the network and can attack opponent’s nodes and defend players Nodes. Events instead are cards that change the battlefield status with a wide range of effects that can affects stats or statuses.

Each operator then gives 1 Netowrk Point to the player to be able to reconfigure the netowrk moving nodes around and changing the shape of the blockchain. The Goal is to save enough Kredits in the Mining Pool to control the blockchain consensus and win the game.