CyberDeck™ Avatars

Playing CyberDeck™ generates the Avatar, a unique digital alter ego (recorded in the blockchain) that dynamically reflects the abilities, behavior and interactions made in the game.

Shaping the Avatar

Each player will have a legendary card, “The Avatar” that will have the stats based on the player behaviour. This behaviour will be gathered from all the games interactions on the CyberDeck™ Blockchain. Every release, the best players Avatar in ranking become a Card everyone will be able to play forever, shaped as the player behaviour will shape.

Best Avatars become Cards for All

CyberDeck™ Blockchain will have multiple games built over it, and each of them will use and build the Avatar personality, allowing the player to use their assets and himself on multiple videogames. Shaping the Avatar depending on their interactions with any and every game they play in CyberDeck™ World.

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