The Story Prologue

A huge cultural struggle for the shape of the 21st century.
Cyberwar, cybercrime, cyberpolitics, cybereconomics and cyberculture all in one.
Even illiterate yakherders somewhere in Tibet will end up affected by CyberDeck™, because, well, most of those guys already have cellphones and solar power.

Is CyberDeck™ a game, or reality?  Reality is a game. You should know that by now.

CyberDeck™ is a speculation.  The speculators are stakeholders in the  Cyberdeck” — which is the first, secret, original blockchain.

These players of the CyberDeck™, the “Operators,” are creating the world after the Internet.   Their actions make another world inevitable. Since a blockchain is based on computational energy, to fight about CyberDeck™, or even trying to fight against it, can only make it stronger.  Someday it will break out of beta, and the world of the Normals will disappear like a soap bubble.

All the operators know that the CyberDeck™ is the platform for tomorrow’s world — that’s why they are operators — but whose world will that be?  Who will gets the kind of world they desire, the world they hope for, dream for, bleed for?

As knowledge about the CyberDeck™ spreads across the network — from person to person, city to city, scene to scene, conspiracy to conspiracy, in rumors, in movements, in factions — every operator demands a piece of the action.  Everybody want to see a future with their own face on it.

This is no mere military battle or sordid market struggle — it’s the culture war over who becomes reality.  Who gets to prove that they deserve tomorrow? And who gets swept aside, dismissed, forgotten, as a relic, a dreamer, a crank, a fool, a troll?   And, since this is reality, sometimes a player gets a bullet through him.

In the twilight global struggle of CyberDeck™, the operators form  confederacies, uniting their scattered scenes from in potent computational cyberspaces.   Their goal is to expand as fast as possible, disrupt the opponent, seize the platform and make it the world their own.

Some stakeholders are titans — the “whales,” the power-brokers who are already shaking our planet  — but CyberDeck™ is a platform for action so potent, so unstable, even one visionary rebel might seize a tipping point — the right place, the right hack, the right moment  — and topple the world like a black, secret avalanche.

Sometime people encounter the CyberDeck™ — they stumble over the truth — but they deny it.  They panic, they capitulate, they’re angry, depressed, disillusioned. They can’t believe that the world can ever change — except to get worse.  For them. And they’re right: they’ll be crushed, swept away into the gutters of history like a single-use plastic cup. But even their blood sacrifice can only raise the stakes.  Every time the secret networks clash by night, they create more to win.

You have to believe.  You have to draw that next card….



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