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Do you have any doubts about CyberDeck™ or how to play? Please, look at the answers given to the questions most frequently asked by users (FAQ).

CyberDeck™ is a Tradable Card Game (TCG) based on a cypherpunk setting written by Bruce Sterling. It’s a strategic card game with some boardgame flavour and aim to be fun to play but challenging to manage.

A tradable card game is a card game where you collect cards, that have different game stats/skills, build your gaming deck with it and challenge other players. The players will be allowed to transfer and trade cards. CyberDeck™ will allow the trade only against the CYB cryptoToken release by the system, that can be acquired only thru game time, winning matches, or completing quests and other similar mechanism. It’s not possible to buy the CYB token, but only the Card Packs.

In CyberDeck™ there are 4 main card types:

  1. Nodes that are the network building bricks
  2. Operators are the actors of the action
  3. Events are cards that influence the board with various effects
  4. Triggers are the only cards that have their effect happen on the opponent turn, based on special triggering conditions.

In CyberDeck™ the players build their decks using their collection, we use 2 decks:

  1. Network Decks, that hold only Node Cards and must be built with at least 8 Nodes with a maximum total production of 20
  2. Operator Decks, that holds Operators, Events and Triggers and must have 30 cards in it.

Each Deck is built with only one Faction and/or Factionless Cards.

The battlefield is a Blockchain network built by the players every game using their NODES cards. Every NODE has minimum and maximum connection value to rule the way that they can be connected each other. The NODES are the bricks that produce Kredits every turn, the Kredits are used to ‘hire’ operators and events and triggers. The Operators are the actors that move on the network and can attack opponent’s nodes and defend players Nodes. Events instead are cards that change the battlefield status with a wide range of effects that can affects stats or statuses.

Each operator then gives 1 Netowrk Point to the player to be able to reconfigure the netowrk moving nodes around and changing the shape of the blockchain. The Goal is to save enough Kredits in the Mining Pool to control the blockchain consensus and win the game.

In CyberDeck™ an Avatar is your alter-ego, it has its own stats that can be increased or shaped based on your behaviour in game, if you use a lot of aggressive decks and your style of play is more aggressive, your Avatar will have higher attack, if you tend to defend your position or play control decks, the Defense value will be the one that will increase and so on. In game exists some special cards (like “The Avatar” that is a legendary card allowed to all players that finish the tutorial) that will use your Avatar stats to get their shape. Every season, the best players of the season can become a card themself, that will be findable in card packs also by other players (and usable).

The goal of the match is to save Kredits into the mining pool, when the mining pool reach 100 in Kredits, the player that has the biggest stake at the end of the opponent turn win the match.

CyberDeck™ is a very original game in mechanincs, knowing other Card Games like Hearthstone, Gwent, Magic Arena, Legends of Elder Scroll, Pokemon and so on can help you quicker understand Game Cards mechanics in general and what is a deck building process. Knowing also board games mechanics can help. In general any strategic game with complex and funny mechanics can help, obviously we hope you will be able to find help also from the community, on Reddit, on our forum, or on youtube/twitch where we hope to have a big community of streamer.

You can get more cards for your deck only by buying new Card Packs: each pack contains five (5) randomly selected cards, of which at least one (1) of Rare or higher level. Each Card in CyberDeck™ can have one of the 4 rarity level:

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. Legendary.

There is a small chance for each Card in the packs that will have a better rarity than it should, we will apply also a pity counter, to unpack a Legendary Card every 40 Card Packs bought. The packs can be bought using the CyberDeck™ token CYB, or the usual payment options, like credit cards.

The Mangrovia Gaming Blockchain will empower CyberDeck™ to give each user the complete control over their assets in game, like CYB token and the Cards collection, allowing them to trade or transfer them with other players. CyberDeck™ is still a game, so bad behaviour like cheating will be punished, but only from a gameplay perspective, you will always be able to give your collection away even if you get banned for any reason.

Most of digital card games won’t allow you to own your collection, that is bounded to your account that can’t be transfered. Also, CyberDeck™ is a very strategic game and despite a steep learning curve will give players (we hope) months of fun and that amazing feeling that is “i can do better than this”. Try now!

In CyberDeck™ client there is a market section where you can place your cards to be traded with other players. The only reward you can get for your cards are CYB token from other players. External exchange will be available probably, but CyberDeck™ is not involved in these.

CyberDeck™ is available on Windows 7 or successive, then an OSX and Linux version will be released. On PC/Desktop a processor made after 2015 and 4 GB of RAM will be enough to play, 2GB of space on the HD will be required too.

On Mobile, that we are aiming to have in 2020, we will release first on Android appliance and then also IOS.

Other platforms will be available based on community response.

We have a scheduled entry for the CyberDeck™ Closed Beta, but we are aiming to get everyone in before open beta if we are able to. Follow this link to request an early access.

For all the players participating in Closed Beta some goody is already under build, also we plan to give some reward plus all the CYB token or equivalent spent in game during the Closed Beta to allow the first players to continue their fun once we are in Open Beta.

Please, write to or to, depending on your question.

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