CyberDeck™ Game Modes

We crafted CyberDeck™ to mix our passion for boards and card games in a long lasting and humorous tribute to Cyberpunk culture that shaped our lives and minds. A game made by players for players, to involve, entertain and reward them. The CyberDeck™ Authors

Duel (1 vs 1)

In the CyberDeck™ DUEL mode 2 players face off in order to gain enemies’ Mining Points to control the network and win the game. This is the standard gameplay mode, where players are subsequently awarded in a general ranking.

Node Attack

In CyberDeck™ NODE ATTACK mode, the player deploys external access to his predefined network, allowing other players to execute hacking attempts in a bid to gain control and tokens.


In CyberDeck™ ADVENTURE mode, the player must complete a series of episodes related to an original story by Bruce Sterling, to get ingame rewards like special cards and extra goods.

Battle Royale

It’s the multiplayer mode of CyberDeck™. The BATTLE ROYALE mode provides a unique experience in card games, allowing many users to play together in a huge network acting simultaneously and interacting in real time.

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