The CyberDeck™ GamePlay

The network is dynamically built by the players, adding and reconfiguring the Nodes, which will shape the gaming board in an unique way in every match

Turn-Based Game

CyberDeck™ is based on 90 seconds timed turns but without predefined phases as players are free to perform allowed actions in any order they wish. As the networks grow turn by turn so the possible moves become more complex and fun in a frantic escalation.

Winning Conditions

As soon as the sum of all the players’ Mining Points reaches 100 the match is over and the player with most points “writes the block” winning the CyberDeck™ match.

Mining Points

Every turn each player connect a new Node on the board growing his network until to get in touch with one of those of the opponent, then creating a single blockchain. From now, ending each turn the unspent Kredits are converted in Mining Points.

Various Game Styles

CyberDeck™ targets both power and creative gamers but is also fit for casual ones. It was designed to appeal card game players, who’ll find aggro, control and midrange decks with lot of subvarieties, and tabletop players who’ll enjoy the strategic thinking behind.

Here are the different game modes you can play at CyberDeck™.

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