Status: closed Alpha


Genres: Card, Strategy, Turn Based

Ranking: GLICKO2 Rating System

Language: English

Platform: Windows, OSX, Linux

Input: Mouse

Modes: Duel (player vs player), Single player

Game description

Cyberdeck is a Tradable Card Game set in a dystopian cypherpunk world that combines the better parts of a classic card game with some strategic elements of a board game, implemented with an innovative Blockchain system that will allow players to be the owners of their cards and assets.

Developed by Cyberdeck srl in collaboration with Artematica Games – Be2Bit, Cyberdeck is a Free-to-Play game that allows players to capitalize on their gameplay success, trading their cards among themselves by using the dedicated CYB tokens on the marketplace platform provided by us, or on other blockchain-based exchange platforms in the future.

In Cyberdeck, four opposing factions fight against each other to gain control of the blockchain network. The player manages his Nodes, moves Operators on a hex grid and creates special situations by using his Event cards. The network is built by the players, who are able to shape the gaming board in a different way in every match. We want to bring to players a unique experience and cutting-edge technology, in which every user really owns his digital Alter-ego and gaming acquisitions, even if they are not “crypto-conscious”, and also we want to reward players for their game time.

Cyberdeck offers different ways to enjoy the gaming experience: Duel mode, Adventure mode, and we are implementing the multiplayer mode, to play together and interact in real time. Developed with Unity, Cyberdeck currently works on PC, Mac, and Linux. An Android version will be developed in the future.

Cyberdeck is a challenging game powered by the visions and ideas of the father of cyberpunk Bruce Sterling, by Amy Sterling’s excellent artwork and the original soundtrack by Raiders of the lost Arp.

The outstanding setting developed by Bruce Sterling is the premise for an intriguing narrative structure that, with periodical expansions, will guarantee a new level of interaction with the community in the world of TCG genre.

If you are looking for a new challenge and some original game mechanics, sign up and take over the blockchain!

Background informations

The first version of Cyberdeck was conceived in 2004 by Pierluigi Maori, Francesco Arcarese and Giuliano Fidanza, a group of friends and players of Magic The Gathering, many other card games, and a lot of board and role play games. We were (and still are) also enthusiastic readers of science fiction and cyberpunk literature, and this background obviously led us to shape our gaming ideas around a strong contamination among different genres.

In Cyberdeck we combine the better parts of a classic card game with the strategic elements of a board game, in a bid to renovate the classic card game by framing it with more complex mechanics, for a more fulfilling experience: you have to be smart, not just lucky or rich enough to buy the complete collection.

In the years that followed its original conception, Cyberdeck has been played by friends and acquaintances alike; this has allowed us to reach a better understanding of its mechanics and purposes, on top of giving us insight regarding its potential for a wider gaming audience.

The opportunity to develop a video game based on the original idea occurred in 2018, when we founded Cyberdeck Srl as the gaming business unit of the Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions group.

Bruce Sterling

Cyberdeck is now a Tradable Card Game set in a grotesque dystopian cypherpunk world conceived by Bruce Sterling, writer, thinker and one of the pioneers of the cyberpunk movement. The fundamental contribution offered by Bruce Sterling has brought our initial project to a new level, lending our game a stronger artistic depth, an original narrative implant and numerous character backstories.

The setting developed by Sterling proposes an intriguing and immersive structure that is suitable with the idea of periodical expansions, with the aim to guarantee an unprecedented level of interaction and involvement with the community in the TCG genre.



Pierluigi Maori (C.E.O.), Francesco Arcarese and Giuliano Fidanza – Authors

Francesco Visconti – AI and Blockchain advisor.

Giovanni Quaglino – Project Manager.

Giacomo Beretta – Commercial and Account manager.

Riccardo Cangini (Be2Bit) and his team – Software development

Bruce Sterling – Writer & Content creator

Amy Sterling and her team – Artwork

Maria Teresa Petrigliano
Vasilya Pulatova – Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions Communications and Social Media Team.


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