A world of warring Factions

In CyberDeck™ these opposing factions square off against each other in cyber attacks, in a bid to gain control of the blockchain networks that rule the World.


The Activists represent the people who live in the streets of the sprawling megalopolis of the Cyberdeck world. This faction includes very different kind of people, from political activists to nihilistic individuals, from “brain workers” to independent black market traders.


The Crime Faction represents a transnational trust of the organized crime in which the “historical” organizations, such as the Yakuza, the Italian mafia and so on, have merged.


The Law Faction represents the “law and order”, at least what remains of them. Like the other factions, Law acts in a global level, so this label includes the secret service apparatus, the private military companies and new kinds of security agencies.


The Venture Faction represents the world of the big corporations and the international financial institutions. In the world of CyberDeck™, like the most of the cyberpunk worlds, the corporations are more powerful than the national governments.


Some Operator Cards are Faction-Less, because they could represent individuals that for whatever reason (free thinkers, loners, mercenaries, etc.), can’t belong to any faction.

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